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2012-12-27 10:48:28 by Raymoclaus

So this year has been a bit slow, the flash movie I mentioned ages ago was not really even started and 1 of those songs I promised was not even delivered and I am sorry for that. The quiet and peaceful song was started and has about 1 minute to it but it has been unfinished for quite a while now. For 2013 I am taking matters into my own hands and will definitely be making a game myself which will contain my music. Whether the game gets released or not doesn't matter, the music will definitely be finished some time this year, you can count on that. I don't program in Flash so it won't get put on newgrounds anyway.

On a side note I am so glad about the outcome of my song "Conqueror" which brought more attention than all of my other songs combined and even getting to the top of the videogame charts. It appears that those epic videogame pieces are what I'm good at and what people enjoy from me so I will focus on those. For the rest of 2012 I just made a few random electronic pieces which came back with mixed feedback. Some positive, some negative/constructive, a problem I find annoying though is when people say there is something wrong but won't actually identify the problem or where the problem is, let alone any advice on what could be fixed. I appreciate constructive feedback but only when it is done properly, otherwise you just look like a douche with nothing useful to say.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys my music, and f*** off to zero-voters.


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2012-12-27 14:05:25

Those zero-voters can tongue our anuses, good Raymoman. You've had some good pieces this year.
(do you have any plans as to what genre this game might end up being?)

Raymoclaus responds:

I've started it now, it looks like it will be a puzzle Platformer of some sort. So far everything looks like circles and squares so I'm getting a friend of mine to make the graphics for me.