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2017 Submissions

Against the Wall =RC= Dance Song
Lullaby of Ends = RC= Drum N Bass Song

2013 Submissions

Runaway =RC= Video Game Song
Back and Forth =RC= Dance Song
Additives =RC= Trance Loop
Conqueror =RC= Video Game Song
Guardians =RC= Classical Song
Chaoz Fantasy Remix =RC= Video Game Song
Celestial Intrusion =RC= Video Game Song
Zombie Gangsters =RC= Dubstep Song
Forever Forgotten =RC= Drum N Bass Song
Final Encounter =RC= Video Game Loop
Harmony Achieved =RC= Video Game Song
Take Me Along With You =RC= Dance Song
Torn Apart =RC= Classical Song
FFIV - Battle Remix =RC= Video Game Song
Revelations =RC= Techno Song
Starclash =RC= Dance Song
Glorious Beginning =RC= Classical Song
Time to Shine =RC= Techno Song
Next Year's Memories =RC= Classical Song
The New World =RC= Video Game Song
Fight To Win =RC= Video Game Song
Randomocitic =RC= Techno Song
Running from Life =RC= Drum N Bass Loop
The Pieces Fall Together =RC= Techno Song
Element of Speed =RC= Dance Song
Despair for the Fallen =RC= Video Game Song
Infusion =RC= Dance Song
Perfect Timing =RC= Miscellaneous Song
Rays of Light =RC= Miscellaneous Song
Epic Win =RC= Video Game Song
Preemption =RC= Video Game Loop
New Friend =RC= Classical Song
Fall to Dark =RC= Video Game Song
Blitz =RC= Classical Loop
Mystic =RC= Miscellaneous Loop
Play - Piano =RC= Classical Song
Danger =RC= Video Game Loop
Final March to Freedom =RC= Video Game Song