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Quick stat update

2012-12-27 10:48:28 by Raymoclaus

So this year has been a bit slow, the flash movie I mentioned ages ago was not really even started and 1 of those songs I promised was not even delivered and I am sorry for that. The quiet and peaceful song was started and has about 1 minute to it but it has been unfinished for quite a while now. For 2013 I am taking matters into my own hands and will definitely be making a game myself which will contain my music. Whether the game gets released or not doesn't matter, the music will definitely be finished some time this year, you can count on that. I don't program in Flash so it won't get put on newgrounds anyway.

On a side note I am so glad about the outcome of my song "Conqueror" which brought more attention than all of my other songs combined and even getting to the top of the videogame charts. It appears that those epic videogame pieces are what I'm good at and what people enjoy from me so I will focus on those. For the rest of 2012 I just made a few random electronic pieces which came back with mixed feedback. Some positive, some negative/constructive, a problem I find annoying though is when people say there is something wrong but won't actually identify the problem or where the problem is, let alone any advice on what could be fixed. I appreciate constructive feedback but only when it is done properly, otherwise you just look like a douche with nothing useful to say.

As always, I hope everyone enjoys my music, and f*** off to zero-voters.

Moar songs due :D

2012-01-31 03:54:28 by Raymoclaus

So anyway 135SlayerX - Flash animator - has reappeared, unfortuneately recovering from a huge computer-destroying virus, but is back now and plans to collab with me and make a sprite movie. the whole storyline is mine, I will be the music artist and partial sprite designer. You will not see the whole story since it is big enough for a whole 2-hour movie so we're thinking of doing it in episodes starting with the intro and then considering on doing the rest if the first goes well and people want to see moar. Over the holidays I have managed to do half of a main theme and half of a village theme, both sounding pretty good so far. I will probably end up doing a forest theme too so you should be expecting at least 3 moar quality, hard-worked songs that i've spent quite a while on. Progress on the movie itself has been slowed significantly due to the fact that school is back on and finding time is difficult. Im not sure how long it will take, it may take till the end of this year or it may not get done at all (hopefully it will!)

Last note: the songs will be orchestral not electronic. The main theme being huge and action-pumped while the other two will feel slow, peaceful and very calming. If the movie does not get finished I do however intend to finish the songs so do not fear. Both of us look forward to the movie's completion and hope everyone else does too.

Just a stat update

2011-10-30 03:27:30 by Raymoclaus

Its been quite a while since my last post, around the time of my last post I started an account on Soundcloud to see which website gives me more listens. because listens is more important when you have an extremely biased score rating here on newgrounds.
On my last post 3 months ago I said that I had accumulated around 2000 views, my newgrounds account is now 6 months old and it has 4.5k listens in total on my submissions so that means in 3 months I collected 2500 views. However on souncloud in 3 months I have only collected 200 views, so my conclusion t this says that Soundcloud is only useful if you're really lucky or you happen to be fairly well known already.

Aside from the shitty voting system that Newgrounds uses, I have to say that the general community is pretty good and active. The rate that I collect views is constantly rising and will continue to rise as long as I continue to upload increasing quality tracks. I find that the more I compose the better I get at it, i also find that I have opened up to more genres.

last post I also mentioned that a guy named 135SlayerX was going to use one of my songs in his upcoming flash movie, but he seems to have disappeared completely, so that is not happening anymore. In case anyone else wants to use my songs then they would be free to do so with my permission, probably best to PM me because sometimes I miss reviews because I don't get notified.

Thanks to my very few supporters, funnily enough I have more people following me on Soundcloud than people favourite me as an audio artist on Newgrounds. To be exact, 9 people or so follow me on Soundcloud while only 2 have favourited me on Newgrounds.

Yay - Winning

2011-07-12 03:49:06 by Raymoclaus

Yes, I have accumulated 2000+ listens overall on my songs. compared to some of the top artists this may seem like nothing but that doesn't matter, BUT!!!!...I see that I have the same batting average as all my favourite artists which is 4.19 (this is considered A+).

My next milestone is 5000 listens. This shouldn't be too hard to make, I got my first offer to use a song of mine in a Flash movie...well more of a suggestion...but if my song does get used, and the Flash movie is successful then I should be able to have more exposure.

All the best to 135slayerX for his Flash movie, check his profile to see what it is about. And thanks to everyone who managed to find my songs and like them...(F* you to all the zerovoters who found me, I hope you die in a fire!)

New songs - 17 and 18

2011-06-03 03:22:47 by Raymoclaus

Hey peoples, 2 new songs are out, Randomocitic which is my attempt at something like Dimrain47 which ofcourse is still a long way to go but I believe I'm on the right track. Also Fight To Win, my second battle theme but my first battle theme made with FL Studio.

If you don't know I also have a youtube channel where I upload my songs to but I'm also considering uploading videos of me playing songs on piano. I generally like playing video game music and nice piano solos like To Zanarkand or Dear You. I have only been playing for one and a half years so don't expect songs that require a third hand, but I will never upload a video with mistakes in the song. I hope you will enjoy those

If I get enough positive feedback about this I will definitely consider posting these videos. The link to my channel is in my description but I'm not uploading piano solos unless I get enough positive feedback.

16th song

2011-05-20 03:04:10 by Raymoclaus

My new song Running from Life is finished, it is a song with a story which can be read at the actual song description on Newgrounds. On a separate note, I was getting kinda sad at the fact that my songs were such low scores, but I have just learned about the existence of zerobombers and their mission in life is to screw up other lives. No it's probably not that dramatic but at least I now know that my songs are low on score only because of some assholes and not an actual honest audience.

Now my primary objective is to get noticed, having less than 50 listens just doesn't cut it for me. Oh yeah and once I get a bunch more people to listen to my stuff, I plan on remaking my first 10 songs or so, because MIDI aren't as wonderful as the songs I'm making now with FLS.

15th song

2011-05-10 03:51:49 by Raymoclaus

My 15th song is finished, it's called "EDIT: video no longer" and is my first attempt at a song with vocals, Hope you enjoy it!:D

14th song

2011-04-30 23:05:58 by Raymoclaus

I have posted my 14th song up on youtube for anyone to listen since newgrounds doesn't seem to have approved any of my songs. It's called Element of Speed and I believe this might be a first attempt at the dance category but it's still kinda weird because I've just figured out how to use some effects and filters.
EDIT: this video is no longer available

I think I asked before but if anyone knows how long it takes for Newgrounds to approve your songs then please tell because it is too tiring to check the site often enough. It has now been 2 weeks since I tried to submit my first song but nuffin is happenin.

12th song

2011-04-29 22:55:53 by Raymoclaus

I kinda lost this song for a while and posted my 13th song calling it my 12th "Despair for the Falen". My 12th song is actually in fact Infusion which the link is in my previous entry "11 of my songs". The song I lost is "Perfect Timing which I made before owning the Producer editioin of FL Studio.
EDIT: this video is no longer available

To right any confusion (if I caused any at all) the list below shows the list of my songs in order of date composed (first composition being at the top of the list).

- Final March to Freedom
- Danger
- Play - piano
- Mystic
- Blitz
- Fall to Dark
- New Friend
- Preemption
- Epic Win
- Rays of Light
- Perfect Timing
- Infusion
- Despair for the Fallen

P.S. My first song isn't aproved on newgrounds yet:(. Anyone know how long it takes, it's been almost 2 weeks.

13th song

2011-04-26 19:48:04 by Raymoclaus

Newgrounds hasn't yet approved my 1st song yet, I think it has been about a week now. Anyway, my 12th song is now up on youtube for those who might want to here this creepy and eerie song. Don't bother actually watching the videos because it is all just one frame but listening would be appreciated.

EDIT: this video is no longer available